Community Initiatives

General Plan Update – Vallejoans talking about our community.

This Is Vallejo (TIV)
A visual-storytelling project that uses multi-media to help a city remember itself. Citizens tell their own story, as it pertains to place, and predict a future where we all thrive.

Fixer Mixer March 9, 2013
A group of citizens participated in spirited discussions to generate ideas for improving the city. View the Fixer Mixer Summary, the Visioning Report, or the PowerPoint Summary.

Vallejo Independent Bulletin (VIB)
A vibrant local source of blogs, opinion, news and video.

Vallejo Rising
A blog series by Community Issues Examiner and General Plan Working Group Member Patricia Kutza keeping residents updated about the unprecedented initiatives for change underway in Vallejo.

Art Connector
Members of the Vallejo arts community and interested citizens met regularly to support the arts and revitalize Vallejo’s Downtown. View the Brainstorming Session Summary from the potluck and brainstorming session, held downtown at The Hub on February 1, 2014.

Mean Streets to Green Streets (2012)
A citizens’ initiative that identifies features that define the historic character of the St. Vincent’s Historic District and includes recommendations for streetscape design and planning in the district. Produced by Solano Advocates Green Environments (SAGE), a local non-profit organization dedicated to preserving Vallejo’s urban forest and expanding its future.
View the report here.

Photo by Pearl Jones Tranter, 2014.