Preferred Scenario

The Preferred Scenario outlines a citywide vision for Vallejo built with ideas that community members contributed at a series of workshops, online activities, and outreach events this year. The vision is anchored by a vibrant downtown and waterfront, which together are a focus of local life and a regional tourist attraction. Strong job centers south of downtown around Solano Avenue, on Mare Island, and along central Sonoma Boulevard north of Redwood Street provide good jobs for local residents and employees from the wider region. Thriving regional retail and entertainment attractions are located at the intersection of the Interstate-80 and Highway 37. All these key destinations are linked by a network of neighborhood corridors that support safe, livable residential neighborhoods. At some key intersections along these corridors and in residential areas, “village centers” with shops and services catering to the daily needs of residents would act as neighborhood focal points.

The Preferred Scenario is made up of two components: a map describing the desired mix of land uses in Vallejo in 2040, and a narrative that identifies key features of the vision.

View the Preferred Scenario map here.
View the Preferred Scenario narrative here.

At a public meeting open to all community members on November 23, the Vallejo Planning Commission, the Economic Vitality Commission, and the General Plan Working Group reviewed the Draft Preferred Scenario, recommending it for consideration by City Council with some modifications to ensure it accurately reflects the community’s hopes and aspirations.

The Draft Preferred Scenario was presented to City Council at a public hearing on March 1, 2016 and approved. The Preferred Scenario will serve as the basis for creating a Draft General Plan, anticipated for public review in June 2016.