Future Scenarios

Through a series of community workshops and online activities in February and March 2015, Vallejoans shared their vision for change in key Opportunity Areas in the city. The broad range of ideas generated through that process has been distilled into three distinct Future Scenarios, each of which describes a different way that Vallejo could evolve over the next 25 years.

The Future Scenarios are important to the General Plan Update because they allow us to think about the key areas where we want the city to grow and change, as well as different options for land use and intensity that will help us meet our community-wide goals. They also help identify the different infrastructure projects that would be needed to support future development.

Community workshops were held on February 26, February 28, March 5 and March 7.

On April 27, the Propel Vallejo General Plan Working Group (GPWG) and Economic Vitality Commission (EVC) reviewed the Draft Future Scenarios to ensure consistency with the Guiding Principles established for the project. Next, the Draft Future Scenarios and the recommendations of the GPWG and EVC were considered by Planning Commission on May 18, 2015 and recommended for adoption by City Council. On June 9, 2015, City Council reviewed and adopted the Future Scenarios.

The Future Scenarios will be evaluated to determine their impact on economic and fiscal conditions, sustainability and public health, utilities and transportation infrastructure, and public services. This will help the community decide which scenario, or combination of components from the scenarios, offers the most benefit. That “Preferred Scenario” — determined with the active involvement of the community in Fall 2015 — will serve as the backbone of the updated General Plan.

View the Draft Future Scenarios here or click on the map at right to view the Draft Future Scenario Concept Maps.

View the Staff Report for the May 18 Planning Commission meeting on Draft Future Scenarios here.

View the Staff Report for the June 23 City Council meeting on Draft Future Scenarios here and the video footage of Council discussion here.