Sonoma Boulevard Specific Plan

Through a participatory public design process that generates an exciting and realistic future for Sonoma Boulevard, the Sonoma Boulevard Specific Plan will provide an easy to use framework for near-term and long-term public and private reinvestment along this regional corridor. A small group of Vallejo residents that are already on the larger 15-member General Plan Working Group will serve as the Specific Plan Working Group to focus on this part of Vallejo on behalf of their community.

Building upon the progress and direction from the 2010 Sonoma Boulevard Corridor Design Plan, the Specific Plan will re-establish Sonoma Boulevard as an important and inviting street in Vallejo that supports transit, makes it appealing to walk to local services and shops, and generates reinvestment in Downtown and nearby neighborhoods. In order for these expectations to be realized, the Specific Plan will present clear policy direction about what Vallejo wants along the very different areas of Sonoma Boulevard along with revised zoning standards and procedures to let those desirable results get built.

This summer, two public design charrettes will be the forum for working with the community to systematically refine Vallejo’s vision and expectations for the corridor. The direction and results of the charrettes will then be tested for economic viability and for meeting Vallejo’s expectations. This information will result in a draft Specific Plan and form-based code standards available near the end of 2014.

Specific Plan Working Group presentations:

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