About the Zoning Code Update

Through another participatory public process, the Citywide Zoning Code (Title 16) will be updated comprehensively for the first time since 1980. The main reason for the update is to align this important set of day-to-day standards with the ideas and future direction expressed in the updated General Plan and to incorporate standards already used in various Specific Plans. Goals for the update include the following:

  1. Make investing in Vallejo easier through a clear expression of Vallejo’s vision and expectations for development in various areas of the city.
  2. Provide a code that is clear, approachable, and easy to use.
  3. Remove obstacles to high-quality development such as unnecessary or inefficient procedures and standards.
  4. Feature form-based zoning for areas slated for major change or where the existing physical character needs to be protected.

Zoning Code Diagnosis

The diagnosis of the Vallejo Zoning Code (Title 16) informs the future rewrite of the code. The Code Diagnosis Memo, which summarizes and evaluates the Vallejo Zoning Code, can be found here.

Character Analysis

The analysis of the existing character of Vallejo focuses on both the macro-scale (i.e. residential neighborhoods, commercial districts, corridors, etc.) and the micro-scale (i.e. street character, building character and setbacks, etc.). The micro-scale analysis relates to the “walkable urban” areas of the City, which is the focus of the Form-Based Code. The process for the micro-scale analysis, including a preliminary generalized map of Vallejo’s walkable urban areas, can be found here.