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City Planning Commission Study Sessions on the New Zoning Code are held at 7:00 pm immediately following each Community Open House. The Study Sessions allow Planning consultant Dyett & Bhatia to present information regarding the Zoning Code process, project schedule and featured Module, and for staff and the consultant team to receive comments and answer questions from commissioners and the public.

The public is invited to attend the Planning Commission Study Sessions and speak publicly on Zoning Code issues. 

Study Session 1: Introduction to the New Zoning Code (Click HERE) to review the presentation.

Study Session 2: Module 1 Report – Terms and References (Click HERE) to review the presentation.

Study Session 3: Module 2 Overview Report – Zoning Districts and Purposes (Click HERE) to review the presentation

Study Session 4: Module 3 Overview Report A – Citywide Regulations (Click HERE) to review the presentation.

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